GETAWAY Cigarette is a  habit replacement Cigarette and looks and feels just like a “traditional” cigarette
It has the same look-and-feel as you would get from a “traditional” cigarette
When you inhale it, there is no smoke, no tar, no nicotine and you do not need to light it up.
You can use it anywhere and anytime you like also in non-smoking areas

No the GETAWAY is not an e-cigarette, nor does it use any liquids to be vaped.
You can “smoke” it immediately by inhaling it’s aromatic odor.

GETAWAY Cigarette can be used in all public places even in non-smoking places as it does not generate any smoke, damp or vape at all and does not contain any hazardous ingredients that a “normal” cigarette does have.

The GETAWAY Cigarette will last approximately 30 days, depending the frequency of usage and whether or not you store it in the included container.

Yes, often the GETAWAY Cigarette is used to stop smoking.
Whenever you crave for a cigarette, use GETAWAY until your cravings have gone.

The scent created by the GETAWAY cigarette has been made of aromatic natural oil with natural ingredients.To make sure it is not harmful and the levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Testing (PAH) are within the regulatory limits, we had this tested by Intertek.
A full test report can be sent upon request.

The plastic part of the GETAWAY Cigarette has been made of a jute-mix and is bio-degradable which means that it can be decomposed by the action of living organisms, usually microbes, into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass.

A list of retail outlets can be found on this website under “where to buy”.
You can also order from us directly on this website, but note shipping costs will be added.

The GETAWAY Cigarette has been made to resemble a “real” cigarette, only without the bad parts of it. This means that when you store it anywhere, even in your clothing, you will actually smell it. In order to prevent the aromatic scent to spread it’s odor, the GETAWAY Cigarette can be stored in the included transparent container.